Friday, December 21, 2012

Oldtimer Souldies Series No. 12 - Angeleno Action

Black Ice on the cover; caused the pensioners' bus to skid and break down, but the three veteranos managed to jump a freight car heading South-West to the City of Angels to catch up with Guy. We were like three old hobos, poor of pocket, but rich in great soulful tunes to lay before our East L.A. brother when we made it to Echo Park. But Guy wasn't totally happy - "The ladies of L.A. are FIRME!"  he said. "Where are your femme tracks?" But we stuck to our gangsta guns: "We don't even have a Whispers' song, never mind Ty Karim; we can't please everybody, there's just so much to choose from!" burst out BillyMac. "And anyway, she may not be Eleanor Green, but Cheryl Boyd is definitely a LADY, on lead for The Superbs!" countered RB. The Mello man, living up to his name and just as smooth in person as his jams are, got it all calmed down: "Just like previous comps, I'm sure the track list will meet with everyone's approval. It looks like we'll just have to re-visit all these soul cities!" Guy dropped in that Karen Small classic, so he was happy that he looked out for his hynas. And here we are now with our latest offering of tracks and artists associated with Los Angeles. It's been a great music year for us putting together this Oldtimer Souldies Series. We hope you've all enjoyed the series too. For those in catch-up mode there are new links for the series listed below. A Merry Soulful Christmas ! The Veteranos

Track list:

01 - Sa-Shays - Here Comes Love (East LA Guy)
Zen, 1963
02 - The Incredibles - Standing Here Crying (Mello)
Audio Arts, 1969
03 - Pentagons (aka The Jones Brothers) - That's All Over Baby (BillyMac)
Bell, 1969
04 - The Superbs - He's An Aries Man (RossyBoy) 
Dore, 1981
05 - Karen Small - Boys Are Made To Love (East LA Guy)
Venus, 1966
06 - The Shields - I'm Sorry Now (Mello)
Dot/Tender, 1958
07 - Friday's Child - As I Sit Here (BillyMac)
Dore, 1969
08 - 21st Century - Search The World Over (RossyBoy)
previously unreleased, "LA's Silver Soul: Lee Silver's Symphonic Productions" CD, Kent, 2003
09 - Sunlovers - My Poor Heart (East LA Guy)
Mutt & Jeff, 1967
10 - Black Ice - You're Always On My Mind (Mello)
"I Judge The Funk" album, HDM, 1979
11 - Andy Fisher - My Heart's Beating Stronger (BillyMac)
Fat Fish, 1967
12 - Thee Midniters - To Be With You (RossyBoy)
Whittier, 1968?
13 - Mike & The Censations - Shopping For A Love (East LA Guy)
Revue, 1969
14 - Brainstorm - This Must Be Heaven (Mello)
"Stormin'" album, Tabu, 1977
15 - Bobby Mandolph - Tell Me Tomorrow (BillyMac)
Vault, 1969
16 - Odyssey - Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (RossyBoy)
MoWest, 1972
17 - Main Events - Don't Leave  (East LA Guy)
Miracle Mile, 1971
18 - Sylvester - Here Is My Love (Mello)
Fantasy, 1981
19 - Jades - When They Ask About You (BillyMac)
Dore, 1963
20 - George Freeman - Down And Out (RossyBoy)
Valiant, 1963
21 - Majestics - (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me (East LA Guy)
Linda , 1965
22 - The Entertainers lV - Hey Lady (Mello)
Dore, 1967
23 - Bobby Freeman - That Little Old Heartbreaker Me (BillyMac)
Autumn, 1964
24 - The Village Callers - Evil Ways (RossyBoy)
Rampart/Bell - 1969

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  1. I'm here to say thanks to my compadres for all their outstanding choices throughout the year. It has been fun gents! With the four of us having combined ages of over two hundred & forty years,I knew it was going to be fulfilling & interesting to me & to many others. Something we four seem to have is also an interest in the background of the tunes that had been presented.
    Some examples are; connecting an artist to a location, labels, soul themes, & the years when released.

    I'd like to thank our listening audience at this time for your interest, downloading & all those wonderful comments.

  2. This is a firme collection not to have,I apprectiate all the Hard work...Outstanding for sure! Gracias!

  3. BIG PROPZ 2 U Oldtimerz 4 all the wonderful selectionz of great tunes that UZ alwayz kicking us down with!!! Itz alwayz much appreciated by thiz vato 4 sure!! Fantastic job on all the cutz on this sweet comp carnalz!!!