Monday, October 3, 2011


I'd like to give a big shout out to the master of music and memories Mr. P-Stylze for extending me the invitation to the site. I see some of my friends here and hope I will be welcomed as part of this family as I bring some great oldies from several genres of music to your table and your CD player.
  For me the Cali Lifestyle is working hard, paying the bills and taking care of family. When there is time I like to listen to the oldies, BBQ with family & friends, cruise the boulevard and of course throw back a few brews.
  I had originally started this series UNDER THE COVERS (ON THE LATIN SIDE) as music me & the old lady could cruise to or just kick back and enjoy. Some of the artists are still performing live & I do try to catch as many of their shows as I can.
  My first post is Volume 4 of the series as it makes it's world premiere here on Cali Lifestyles. I will post the other three volumes if you all would like. Give me a shout out in the comments section. With much love & respect.   EAST LA GUY.

Track List:

01. Ralph Robles - Maybe
02. Los Fabulocos - Just Because
03. Blue Satins - Truly Truly Yours
04. Sunny & The Sunliners - I Only Have Eyes For You
05. Stardusters - Taint No Big Thing
06. Rudy Palacios - Just A Dream
07. Freddy Fender - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
08. Thee Midniters - Soul & Inspiration
09. Blvd Knights Band - Giving Up On Love
10. Angel Sabroso - Making Ends Meet/Groovin'
11. Bobby Matos - Groovin'
12. Sangria Band - Suavecito
13. Brazada - Sabor A Mi
14. Suave - All Day Music
15. Sal Perez - Don't Let No One Get You Down
16. Sal Rodriguez - So
17. Sammy Medina & Balance - When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
18. Frances Ruedas - Hypnotized
19. Ramos Band - Oh My Angel
20. Los Lobos - It'll Never Be Over For Me

Uncover The Rolas Here:

Posted By: Guy (East LA Guy)


  1. Qvo Guy,
    Welcome to calilifestyles, as always your albums are one of the best. Your selection of music is bomb great to kick it too, cruise too, or just be with the one you love. As I said before welcome and thanks for the great album and the hard work you put into it.

  2. Orale Homeboy,
    Damn homie you jumped right out the gate with a firme drop...This is a tight series Guy,I know there are some sweet rolas here.I reconize the titles bit not the artists...And hell yeah homie post up tje other columes or whatever else you wanr to....

  3. Mac & P,

    Thank you for the kind words & welcoming me to Cali Lifestyles. It's great to be here with good friends & fellow music lovers.