Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Ethics - Golden "Philly" Classics

Here's a little something .... A group that represented a combination of remarkable vocal blending & some versatile natural talents. They originated during 1968 in Philadelphia & comprised of four gifted lead singers.
Unfortunately, the group broke up during the 70's after a number of great tunes.
This set represents a portion of the early recordings made by the Ethics....Enjoy!

01. Sad Sad Story
02. I Want My Baby Back
03. Standing In The Darkness
04. Nothing's Too Good For My Baby
05. Every Night & Day
06. Tell Me
07. Searching
08. That's The Way Love Goes
09. Think About Tomorrow
10. Closer & Closer
11. Look At Me Now
12. When Are You Coming Home
13. Who Do You Love
14. Farewell



  1. Qvo Mello,
    Now were talking i was looking for this, I had lost this duing the great crash. Gracias carnal for the music.

  2. Get down Mello,
    This is a big time drop coming from the homie in Shy Town.....Gracias....

  3. Much thanx for the comments Mac & Panch.
    It's good to see I was able to fill an empty slot in your collections carnales.