Sunday, October 23, 2011


Q-Vo Familia!!
With Halloween coming I wanted to put together something with a bit of a scary cover. Many soulful treats await your listening ears and the only trick is just one click. Hope you enjoy the selection of ear candies I have laid out for you & hope you find something new to add to your collection. ENJOY!!


Track List:

01. Soul Explosion Band - Blue Lady
02. George Jay & The Rockin' Ravens - Say That You Love Me
03. Chuck Corby & The Entrees - City Of Strangers
04. Belgianettes - You're Far From Home
05. Precisions - You're The Best (That Ever Did It)
06. Saints - Tell It To Your Love
07. Soul Children - What's Happening Baby
08. Penny & The Quarters - You & Me
09. Impressions - I Can't Stay Away From You
10. Black Heart - So In Love
11. Vudu Cafe - All I Need Is You
12. Herman George - Mental High
13. Quotations - (For Once) Can I Have Someone
14. Webs - Tomorrow
15. Patty Stokes - Is It True
16. Soul Experience - I'm So Glad I Found You
17. Little Beaver - She's Gone
18. Los Rock Angels - City Lady
19. Bee Bee Butler & Group - As Long As You Love Me
20. Montereys - It Hurts Me So

Don't Be Afraid. Click Here To Get Your Treat.

Posted By: Guy (East LA Guy)


  1. An excellent way to start a new week Guy, getting some treats from you. Your ear candy always tastes good even when Halloween isn't around the corner. Nice work on the cover too!

  2. Sweet drop here homie...Gracias for dropping this bog bomb of souldies on us guy...Got me some new rolas here...Get down on tjem covers too carnal....

  3. hey guy---thanx for puttin this rare set together---u always hit the spot

  4. Qvo Guy,
    Firme carnal, can't wait to listen to this on the way home gracias.