Monday, October 10, 2011


With the passing of Sylvia Robinson on 9-29-11, Ol' Mello's posting her first album.

She's left us with quite a legacy having been a singer, musician, music producer & record label executive.

In 1972 Sylvia sent her demo of Pillow Talk to Al Green. When Green passed on it due to his religious beliefs, she decided to record it herself.

Beside all of the firme artists & tunes that came from her All Platinum, Stang, Turbo & Vibration labels, she was also the founder & CEO of the hip hop label Sugar Hill Records. She is credited as having been the driving force behind the first rap song to be released by a hip hop act..."Rapper's Delight" by the Sugar Hill Gang.


01. Pillow Talk

02. Give It Up In Vain

03. Sunday

04. Don't Leave Me Starving

05. My Thing

06. Didn't I

07. Had Any Lately

08. Not On The Outside

09. Cowards Way Out


  1. Qvo Mello,
    Damn you beat me to the punch, its all good i love this album, and i also thought i would never find it again thanks my brother catch you on the flipside.

  2. Say Mac, everybody knows that's the way it goes, first your money, then your clothes. LOL!
    I hear ya man.

  3. Gracias for this sweet kickdown Mello,I don't remember if I have this or not...

  4. Thanx for the comment Panch. I thought I'd put it out there since she was such an impotant part of soul history.