Thursday, April 5, 2012

East Coast Soul Connection (2 CD's)

Hi Everyone, Here's a double CD you may enjoy if you don't have it.

East Coast Soul Connection CD1 - Variuos Artists

01. Benny Johnson - Baby I Love You
02. The Moments - My Thing
03. Velvet - It's The Right Time To Do
04. Odds & Ends - Love Makes The World Go Round
05. Philadelphia Ambassadors (Formations) - Girl (Love Everything About You)
06. Reggie Sadler Revue - So Long Little Sweet Girl
07. Crown Heights Affair - Love Me
08. The Kay-Gees - Be Real (With Tomorrows Edition)
09. George Kerr - Takin It (To The Max)
10. Black Ivory - Surrender
11. The Street People - Never Get Enough Of Your Love
12. The Continental 4 - The Way I Love You Baby
13. The Whatnauts - I Dig Your Act
14. Larry Saunders - Sweet Sweet Lady (Demo)
15. Bunny Sigler - Take A Little Time (To Know Her)
16. Tommy Keith - Loving You Comes Easy
17. Barbara Jean English - He Knows My Key (Is Always In The Mailbox)
18. Charen Cotton - A Little Bit Of Love
19. De-Lite-Ful - Forget That Girl (Tom Moulton)
20. (Baltimore) First Class - Me And My Gemini
21. Chicago Gangsters - I Choose You

East Coast Soul Connection CD2 - Variuos Artists

01. The Carstairs - It Really Hurts Me Girl
02. Brother To Brother - In The Bottle
03. The Escorts - All We Need Is Another Chance
04. Black Ivory - One-Way Ticket To Loveland
05. Patrick Adams Initiative - Kings And Queens
06. The Kay-Gees - My Favourite Song
07. Velvet - Bet You If You Ask Around
08. The Whatnauts - Blues Fly Away Listen
09. Janice Saddler & Jammers - My Baby's Coming Home To Stay
10. Benny Troy - I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
11. Chuck Jackson - Needing You Wanting You
12. The Moments - Dolly My Love
13. The Continental 4 - Heaven Must Have Sent You
14. Otis Smith - Let Her Go
15. Lonnie Youngblood - Sweet Sweet Tootie
16. Felton Burkes - I'll Always Love You
17. Appointments & Others - Keep Away
18. Hank Sample - So In Love With You
19. The Street People - Some Day We'll Be Together
20. Derek Martin - How Can I Get Away
21. Darryl Carter - Crying


  1. Hey Rose,sweet drop, dont got this in my collection .will be listening to this over the weekend..Muchos Gracias!

    1. Good, I like that BB, Enjoy the listen & the weekend!!

  2. Sweet drop here Rose,Never seen this comp...Man thats what happens when ur messing around with heavy soul time collectors....Gracias for the share...


    1. Awww TY & your welcome anytime Panch!!

  3. Hey Rose,
    Nice drop, I didn't ahve this one either. Thanks Rose your awesome.

    1. Dang makes me happy to add to your Collection!! YW Mac :)

  4. Always thankful for the musical blessings! I didn't have this one also. Thanks gurlfriend!

  5. your soooooo welcome Girlfriend ! :)

  6. Another nice one My Lady. Likewise this is new for me. Gracias!

  7. That's just awesome Homie, Your so welcome !

  8. Hey homie, I'm late on this one, but glad to get it. Much thanks for turnin' me on to another double header gem Rose.