Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chrome Bounce

All right everybody get ready 2 jump in your chrome rides and get you bounce on. 2day I'm bringing you 12 funk classics compiled myself, CLUMSY & DANNY TATTOO. Big thanx 2 the homie CLUMSY 4 doing all the leg work and putting the link 2gether!  Hope everybody enjoys this x-tra tight album!

In addition if you're in Cali & need a tattoo holler at DANNY TATTOO here:


01 Dayton - Love You Anyway ~ Danny Tattoo
02 Skyy - Call Me ~ G Man
03 Starbound - Party In The City ~ Clumsy
04 BHY - We Funk The Best ~ Danny Tattoo
05 Catch - Get On Freak ~ G Man
06 Wild sugar - Bring It Here ~ Clumsy
07 Wanda Walden - I Must Be Dreaming ~ Danny Tattoo 
08 Lamont Dozier - On The One ~ G Man
09 Freeez - Can't Keep My Love ~ Clumsy
10 Yasuko Agawa - LA Nights ~ Danny Tattoo
11 Magnum Force - What's Your Name ~ G Man
12 Xavier - Work That Sucker To Death ~ Clumsy

Post by G MAN
Link courtesy of CLUMSY
Tracks courtesy of CLUMSY, G MAN & DANNY TATTOO
Album cover by G MAN



  1. Nice cover G & collab Danny & Clumsy! Aww, we want the funk, give us that funk, lol, Thanks for the comp,

  2. G-MAN, DANNY, CLUMSY.. Thanks 4 droppN down tha FUNK, sweeet tracks and cover homies!

  3. Hell Yeah Homies,
    You vatos got down on this Comp..Love that FUNK homies...I am ready for Vol.2...The cover is off the hook G...Keep FUNK alive carnals...

  4. Thanx 4 the props MZO, BROWNBOY & P-STYLZE.............itz much appreciated homiez!

    G MAN