Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Wazz Up Familia,
Here is Vol.4 of the RARE funk tracks I have in my vault,we'll some rare and maybe some you haven't heard in a while...Can't share all the  Rare tracks right? will put some on these comps here and there,I personally love the Funk like I love the sweet sound of soul music...I compiled 14 FUNKY tracks to bump in your ride...I have multiple volumes to post so this will be an ongoing series...KEEP IT FUNKY!!!!

01. Gwen Guthrie - Outside In The Rain
02. Clockwork-I'm Your Candy Girl
03. Les Femmes - Yes You Thrill Me
04. Change -  Change Of Heart
05. Glass - Stomp
06. Surface - Stop Holding Back
07. Felix & Jarvis -  Bounce
08. Home Boy And Co.- Happy Feeling
09. Dunn & Bruce Street - Mt. You (Up On The Hill)
10. Lillo Thomas - You're A Good Girl
11. Blue Magic - See Through
12. The Evasions - Let's Dance
13. The Fatback Band - Girls On My Mind
14. Unique - What I Got Is What You Need



  1. Hey Panch , consider me funkified homie,LOL. Sweet selection of tracks, been wanting to check out this series 4 a minute carnal. Thanks 4 the drop!

  2. This looks hot P! Sweet cover 2 homie! Am I overlooking the link on this page or this an email link project. The album looks really tight P!

    G MAN

  3. My Bad Carnals,I forgot to put up the link...It's up now...

  4. Bomb ass album P! I'm grabbing the others pronto!

    G MAN

  5. Gracias Panch...bad ass tracks & awesome cover !

  6. Oh forgot I don't have the first 3 vols any way I can score them ?? Thanks would appreciate it