Friday, April 20, 2012

Tokers Oldies v.4 - Back Seat Memories

Got a special treat 4 U today Familia, The homie UP IN SMOKE just sent this sweet comp to me to post on his behalf . I gotz to say this is a treat for me to learn of a fourth volume in the series. Lets show this carnal lotz of luv 4 his drop!

Download :


  1. Gracias "Up In Smoke" for thinking of us when it came to this series, classic joints carnal.
    Thanks too for the posting Brownboy!

  2. Much luv 2 the homies UP IN SMOKE & BROWN BOY 4 puttin' this bad boy up..............can't wait 2 check it out!

    G MAN

  3. Get down UP IN SMOKE..This is a FIRME drop carnal...Sweet tracks on here carnal...


  4. Qvo BrownBoy,
    Hey carnal, thanks for this firme drop, and Up In Smoke thanks for the album the tracks are sweet, gracias to the both of you.

  5. I got much luv and respect for all that you guys do on these gems,
    this is the least i can do.Thanks for your comments and thanks to the homie BrownBoy for posting this up...I appreciate it alot

  6. Nice to have ... but doesn't seem the same kind of packaging as Vols 1 to 3. More like Joker's Oldies rather than Toker's Oldies ! Some of these tracks with this cover have been on YouTube for at least 3 years. Track #07 is Chocolate Syrup not Chicago Syrup. But thanks to Up in Smoke and Brownboy for the share.

  7. Muchas gracias for this sweet ride Up In Smoke. I can't wait to check out this firme comp from one end to the other. Gracias to you as well Brownboy for the post.