Monday, December 26, 2011

Club Epic Volume 1

Welcome to Club Epic, no invitation required, your name's on the guest list & everyone's guaranteed a good time. The selections here were chosen from the vast Epic/Tabu/Solar/Carrere catalogue. This 11 track set may seem a bit skimpy but check out the track lengths. Also included in this set was the never before commercially available remixes of "No Parking On The Dance Floor" & "Fantastic Voyage". hearty!

01. The S.O.S. Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) (7:46)
02. Heatwave - The Groove Line (7:27)
03. Whispers - And The Beat Goes On (7:38)
04. Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (6:13)
05. Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dance Floor (7:59)
06. Shalamar - The Second Time Around (7:16)
07. Phillis Nelson - I Like You (7:28)
08. Teena Marie - Lovergirl (5:47)
09. Cherrelle w/ Alexander O'Neal - Saturday Love (8:41)
10. Mtume - Juicy Fruit (4:34)
11. Ram Jam - Black Betty (5:28)



  1. Sweet drop here mello,this was one of my favorites tapes i used to play back in the day...I never had it on cd though..Until now...

    Damn carnal,You still blow my mind on the good taste you have in music...gracias...

  2. My pleasure to present it to you on cd then Panch, you're very welcome.

    It's was all part of the day & some good times.