Thursday, December 15, 2011

ONE WAY Greatest Hits

This Detroit group doesn't need an introduction so go ahead & enjoy some funk! (You won't find this two disc set in any store.)

Disc 1 Tracklist:

01. Don't Fight The Feeling

02. Cutie Pie

03. Mr. Groove

04. You Can Do It

05. Pop It

06. You Better Quit

07. Let's Talk

08. Sugar Rock

09. Can I

10. Don't Think About It

11. Get Up

12. Push

13. Pull Fancy Dancer, Pull

Disc 2 Tracklist:

01. Something In My Past

02. Lady You Are

03. Love Is

04. Lost Inside Of You

05. More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers

06. If I Knew

07. You & Me

08. Give Me One More Chance

09. Spread Love

10. Smile (Extended Remix)

11. Wrap Your Body

12. Wild Night

13. Wammy


  1. Qvo Mello,
    Firme drop brother, can't wait to sample this bad boy, gracias carnal.

  2. Por nada Mac, gonna shoot ya the hot links passwords in a sec...spensa I forgot mi carnal.

  3. Not bad for El Gringo, que no? LOL!!!

  4. Hey Mello,
    I never doubted you my brother.

  5. I know....I'm just playin' Mac. LOL! You know me by now!

  6. it's all gone, i got here too late, thank you for the knowledge!