Saturday, December 10, 2011


Que Pasa Familia,

I finally got this baby done,I been trying to get all the Familia involved with these Lost Angels comps...This time, I have cruising in my drop top 63 convertible rag top are the Shy-Town heavy hitters Mrs.Dusty Rose and Mello.Link
They came hard with some "FIRME" tracks, I know I came up on some new rolas (as always) is the case.I know there might be some cutz you've heard on this comp but hopefully you find one you haven't which makes it all worth while..So, kick back and enjoy the sweet sounds of Lost Angels Vol.6

Gracias to Dustyrose and Mello for there contributions of tracks for this comp...


01. Grant St. Exit - That's When I Love You (Del La) [P-Stylze]
02. Ultimate Truth - Hooked On Love (City Records) [DustyRose]
03. The Montclairs - Ease The Pain (Paula) [Mello]
04. Doris Willingham - I'll Never Hurt You [P-Stylze]
05. Debonairs - Emotions (Harmon) [DustyRose]
06. Tapestry - Yeah Yeah Girl (Amjo '67) [Mello]
07. Stridells - The Power To Dream (Morgan) [P-Stylze]
08. Freddy & Sounds Of Soul - You're The Beat Of My Heart (Pearltone) [DustyRose]
09. Ace Spectrum - Just Like In The Movies (Atlantic '76) [Mello]
10. Derrick Harriott - The Loser (Island) [P-Stylze]
11. An' Café - Ain't No Big Thing [Dusty Rose]
12. The Drifters - Oh My Love (Atlantic '59) [Mello]
13. Eunice Collins - At The Hotel (Mod-Art) [P-Stylze]
14. Groomes - I Deserve A Little More (Shiptown) [DustyRose]
15. The Main Ingredient - Where Are You (RCA '72) [Mello]
16. The Cineemas - I'm Never Gonna Cry (Dave) [P-Stylze]
17. The Deviations - Loving You (Soul Sounds Unlimited) [DustyRose]
18. Brothers Two - Hey Girl (Capitol) [Mello]
19. The Dreams - Do What You Wanna (D.C. Sound Limited) [P-Stylze
20. The Thompsons - Seems Like I've Known You [DustyRose]
21. Serenaders - I'll Cry Tomorrow (V.I.P. '64) [Mello]


  1. It's a pleasure on my part to be with such stout company on this set of rolas. Big props to the both of ya on your picks. Come on now gente, I know this is an open link but give up some props, for it's your comments that makes it worthwhile doing in the first place. Sharing is caring...& if you don't do that, at least acknowledge the work that goes into these comps. Thanks!

  2. Hey Panch, didn't forget ya on the firme artwork carnal. I told ya many times that you know how to lay it out man!

  3. this series drive me crazy, thanks again!!

  4. This is one FIRME drop , thanks to everyone who put this sweet comp together!!