Friday, December 9, 2011

Ridin' Low Slammin' Oldies

Just as hot rodders of the fifties embraced doo-wop & rock & roll, lowriders also share a passion for the old school sounds, though of a more recent vintage. As exotic custom sound systems pound out the best jams from back in the day, crusin' in low mode is not just a life style, it's a way of life.
This one's for la Raza!

This & future posts from me will require a request to activate the link. This is only being done on my part to encourage viewers to join in, or to at least leave a simple thanks in the comment section after downloading.
Thank you & please enjoy this offering.

01. The Escorts - Look Over Your Shoulder
02. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - What Love Has Joined Together
03. The Delfonics - Think It Over
04. The Isley Brothers - Coolin' Me Out
05. Sun - I Had A Choice
06. The Temprees - I Love You, You Love Me
07. Garland Green - Jealous Kind Of Fella
08. Blue Magic - Looking For A Friend
09. Tavares - Never Had A Love Like This Before
10. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Be For Real
11. The Stylistics - You're As Right As Rain
12. The Emotions - So I Can Love You
13. The O'Jays - I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow
14. Al Green - Have You Been Making Out O.K.



  1. Nice drop my Shy-Town Carnal...I love every rola on this bad boy..Its always a treat when you come thru carnal...Gracias for sharing.

  2. Nothing rare Panch but who don't love those solid classics. Thanks for the props my brother!

  3. Hey Mello,
    Firme album carnal, you know I have the counterpart to this album, if you need it carnal?

  4. Thanks Mac, I think I have one or two more from this series. I'll check & post what ever I have.

  5. Hey is there a pw for this album, I keep getting a prompt for it

  6. too bad it's all gone!!! like the cover Mello, another chance for late comers? thanks!!!

  7. Hey Mello, can u post a new link 4 this comp carnal?
    Much thanks & respect..